Welcome to the MX-Adventcalendar Archive.

The following text is what you were able to see in 2015, when the adventcalendar project happened. Currently, there is no similar project going on.

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Dear Maniaplanet community,

we – the adventcalendar team – are proud to announce the 2nd installment of the MX Adventcalendar! The MX-AC is a big event going on over the advent days (even before december), where you can participate in competitions, contests and other fun activities freely and win prizes!

Here you will find all quick info and news. A newsfeed is provided to keep you updated about what we do, which results have come out and what our community contributed related to the Adventcalendar.

To find out more about the Adventcalendar itself, such as the leaderboard system, the prizes and how to participate, scroll down below.

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Upcoming Events

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What were the prizes?

As we have a nice leaderboard for adventcalendar points, we also have really neat prizes!

The points are adjusted so that actually everyone has a chance to win here.

1st place: One Maniaplanet key / 1 Trackmania Turbo T-Shirt + a sticker (maniaplanet one) or a Turbo poster + Keyring (Europe only)

2nd and 3rd place: One Maniaplanet key or Trackmania Turbo T-shirt + one pin’s + one sticker

4th and 5th place: One Maniaplanet key or Trackmania Turbo T-shirt + one pin’s

6th to 10th place: 20.000 planets + a mx map showcase (for 2 weeks)

You also have the chance to win a Trackmania T-Shirt in the Stadium Adventcup every week!

Also, we have planets to give away! Lots of them! That’s why there will be random planet giveaways in the one or other event!

If you have questions about anything, you can use the livechat on our homepage. For everything else and more personal, send us an e-mail.


What is the Maniaexchange Adventcalendar?

The MX Adventcalendar is a project idea started by haenry and first put into practice in 2014. The whole idea is inspired by the old German TManiacs blog (Thank you!). The main goal behind the MX Adventcalendar is to bring the Trackmania & Shootmania community closer together before Christmas. To achieve this, we are organizing a lot of things that happen during the December days to build up a big virtual ( and at the same time so real ) adventcalendar. Also, to mock things up with some competition, because competition is always fun, there is a leaderboard in which you can win points by completing challenges, winning matches or being simply there. For the best 10 there will be prizes, but also for the rest, a random amount of leftover planets will be given.

2014 already had a lot of exciting things going: We had lots of presents, challenges, riddles and events, where we played the game together and had the opportunity to spend the days online in a friendly and warm atmosphere. You can have a look at the postcards we made in 2014, to get a look at what might expect you, here.

The 2015 edition is supposed to be a milestone regarding the organisation. We have learned a lot from the 2014 edition. Last year, we have organised everything by ourselves. That put a huge workload on our team. Furthermore we started very late in the middle of November, which increased the workload even more. This year, we have a lot of time, motivation and resources.


How can I participate?

The adventcalendar project is over. It happened in 2015 only for one time at that size. Check mania-exchange for current events.

Check out the official Calendar for the dates, just as looking at the homepage. For specific cups you need to register yourself / your team by clicking the ‘Register’ Link (so far only the paragon chase cups). On all the other events you just need to be there on time! Participation in contests is for everyone aswell, as long you submit your entry in time before the deadline! That’s it.

You can check your ladder and points amount in the leaderboard.


When can I win points and how many?

You can win points in three different categories:

Live events

We have planned to have the matches & cups only on weekends, that means Friday evening to Sunday evening. For participating and finishing you will win one point, but the better you are, the more points you will win. The amount of points you can win will be raised every week for specific events.

Big live events will have streams by people we are co-operating with. The competition page will include the dates and stream links.


Over the week there will be Time Attack challenges, in which you can hunt for the best times on our own server. Also, there are other challenges, like completing a puzzle map, solving a riddle, or finding easter eggs presents on maps. Points will be given differently than on live events.


There will be some contests going during the weeks. In all of these you can win the biggest amount of points, but you’ll also need time to deliver a good product. The difference to the other categories is that we will not only give more points to the winners, but also more points for everyone else. If we think your creation deserves some extra points, you’re going to get them – e.g. the first place in a video contest gets the most points, but if the 2nd place is just barely less popular among the judges, it might get just as many points as the first one. A good 3rd place video in this context might get more too. For all of this there will be rules and guidelines about how to get the most points out of your submission.

For those, check out the contests/deadlines tab, to not miss any deadlines!

The time window of the adventcalendar is small, which means we will focus the points distribution slightly more on the amount of time you’ve been visibly putting into your project. Therefore a video contest gives you more points than a screenshot contest.

In general, the maximum points you can win will be shown on the contests/deadlines and competitions page.