#10 – Two new objects!

We keep it short today, because there will be something big the next days! Stay tuned!




After I reached the top of my current beam, I had for the first time a free view of my surroundings.

I saw machines creating metal constructions with containing Lego­like connectors. Some build

beams, some fences and other ones were bending wood and metal. I saw small bridges and small

ramps. Everything that a child could hope for. But if this wasn’t enough, there were round

constructions with light beams around them. Where have I seen something like this before? Was it

in a book? Was it in TV? Argh, It’s on my tongue, but I can’t spit it out. Ol’ Neil may damn me, but

I will figure it out. Getting back to business, I continued my observations and was finally able to

spot a shadow in the distance that looked like some kind of planning office. Seriously, who ever

built this whole construction must have had the help of thousands of hands. Setting the direction, I

returned to the floor and started walking towards it.


Two xrayjay objects:

floatboat-prev mxadv-valley-stone

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