“ Day 11 Finally entering this building, a warm wind blows in my face and I realise that this hut is nothing else than what feels like the only acclimatised room in a thousand miles diameter. Felling the pins and needles starting to pinch while my frozen body parts are […]

#11 RPG Challenge and wooden boxes (Story)

We keep it short today, because there will be something big the next days! Stay tuned!   Story:   “ After I reached the top of my current beam, I had for the first time a free view of my surroundings. I saw machines creating metal constructions with containing Lego­like […]

#10 – Two new objects!

  It’s time for new presents and an announcement:   Story:   “ tschchch Hello? Can you guys here me? I really hope so, as I’m expecting huge interferences. I finally tschchch reach the tschchch gigantic workshop. And to be honest, it is tschchch metal structures without end. Wait, tschchch […]

#9 – Pursuit 2.0 Cup and new Objects