#9 – Pursuit 2.0 Cup and new Objects



It’s time for new presents and an announcement:




tschchch Hello? Can you guys here me? I really hope so, as I’m expecting huge interferences. I

finally tschchch reach the tschchch gigantic workshop. And to be honest, it is tschchch metal

structures without end. Wait, tschchch get out tschchch side.

Better now? As I just said. This workshop compares to nothing I have seen in my whole life. It’s

dimensions are so vast, when you enter it, just the sky seems to be the limit. Metal struttings as far

as the eye goes. Construction beams of such dimensions as if designed to provide space for full-
blown cars to manoeuvre. Curious, I started climbing to get a better overview of this area. Even

though I was supposed to be inside of a building, the weather was a nightmare come true and the

broken skin of my hands started to deteriorate. Hmm, wasn’t this scratch on my hand supposed to

be bleeding after I hit it at this last screw head? Ah, whatever. Ignoring the pain, I continued

climbing. 20 Feet, 40 Feet, 60 Feet. I lost the count of how many times I needed to change beams

or climb back down to find alternative routes. And then, it befell me like an egg realising this

toddler doesn’t mean anything good. This whole workshop is an experimental test drive section.

There are small ramps and bridges interconnecting different beams with each others. I can even see

rubber sticking to the earth facing side of some of the beams. How did they came here? As if there

are cars who could drive in top down mode! Nevertheless, I wanted to explain how my

investigation went on.


Pursuit 2.0 Cup by Domino

  • Free for all format!
  • Played on 3 maps:
    full of spots map, almost without spots map, completely absurd map
  • Score is not reset after map
  • 3 rounds on each map with rules variations:
    normal round, anti-camping round, see through walls round
  • Players glitching maps will be forced to Police team, unless they’re eliminated by OffZone
  • Prizes from server donations:
    1st: 5k Planets + 8pts
    2nd: 2k Planets + 6pts
    3rd: 1k Planets + 5pts
    4th: 750 Planets + 4pts
    5th: 500 Planets + 3pts
    6th: 250 Planets + 2pts
    7th-10th: 100 Planets + 1pt
    Points for participation: 1pt

The cup will be played at 14.12.2015/20:00

Most significant changes to Pursuit 2.0

  • New OffZone system to specify areas, that players aren’t allowed to access
  • New Police detector for Thieves: glows as bright, as close nearest Policeman is
  • Dominations: catch the same player in next round to dominate him. Domination provides extra point


Two presents by xrayjay!


mxadv-VfloatB mxadv-canyon-bridge

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