#16 The ultimate R P G Challenge (story)


After finding my way out of the maze­like storage area, I’m now heading back towards Santa’s

hide­out. I have a feeling that I’ll find the revelations I’m looking for. While I’m walking back

trough the snow dunes, I realise that I’m walking roughly parallel to something that looks

like a snow free path. Let’s investigate this one, maybe it will help me to speed up my travel.

Somehow it feels like an adventure trying to get closer to this area. There are wind­blown snow

dispersals covered by multiple layers of snow. When I feel like it’s going well I’m crashing into

another hidden hole. Therefore I’m scared all the time, taking one small step after another, not

knowing if the next break through will be my last one. Are we even on land or is this just an area

of frozen ocean covered by this white nightmare? I hope at the end of this adventure I’ll be still the

one I was when I started out.

Skellborn worked very very hard the past months and has created an immense structure for an ultimate RPG Challenge.

Sadly the map is soooo big that it will cause lags on all but the fastest computers. Therefore there will be two versions of the map. One is the full map and the version is the map split in have into two separate files (Part 1 and Part 2).

So depending on your PC performance, you can pick on which versions you will drive your replay. Both versions (The full map and part1+2) will give you the same amount of points for the leaderboard:

1st place: 10 points

2nd place: 7 points

3rd place: 5 points

4th place: 4 points

All other positions: 3 points

Planets: Furthermore we will distribute 50k planets randomly among all submissions!

So upload your replay either on the full map or on part1+part2. You are not allowed to submit your replay on the full map and part1+2.

Deadline: Tuesday Dec 22, 2015, 23:59 CET

Have fun racing!

Here is the full map

And here is part 1 and part 2

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