#17 – KABOOM and WHOOSH and a reindeer


Finally on the track, I fell like being on a high way. It’s so easy to walk here. You are protected

from all types of side winds, as this canyon like drive way is hidden between massive walls of

snow. What I feel though, is a strong back wind that keeps on pushing me in the direction I want to

go. Is this some kind of destiny? What will I find at the end of this track? Where will it lead me?

For the moment I think I shall follow this path through these ice cold mountains. While walking, I

feel like some kind of gravity force pushing me down and up. Looking behind me, I realise that

this track isn’t simply straight, it’s winding up and down continuously. How did the snow got

shaped like this? Is this natural or artificial? If the latter, who would build something like this and

for what? Digging out my folding spade, I start removing some layers of snow. Starting to

breaking the first sweat and being already into the white mist, I start hitting something hard.

Getting on my knees and removing the last bit of snow manually, I realise that I hit concrete.

Damn it. This is an artificial slope! This whole track is man made. Being confused about the sense

of this, I don’t realise the sounds of hooves coming from the other side of the slope, directly in

front of me. And I don’t know who was shocked more. The reindeer that leapt over me or me that

got nearly hit by this massive deer. Stumbling at its landing, the deer regains control of its body,

speeds up and disappears behind the next slope.


Today we serve you the following cuisine:


Canyon Turbo Start Block by xrayjay


Canyon Start Cannon


…and – last but not least – a reindeer skin made my maxi031, perfectly suitable for either your christmas maps, videos or anything else!



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Deer Locator
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