#11 RPG Challenge and wooden boxes (Story)

Day 11

Finally entering this building, a warm wind blows in my face and I realise that this hut is nothing

else than what feels like the only acclimatised room in a thousand miles diameter. Felling the pins

and needles starting to pinch while my frozen body parts are slowly returning to life, my mind

starts to apprehend what my eyes were looking at. Construction plans for building everything that

your mind can comprehend. From small poles, over tire compositions up to whole freaking

mountains! Did I mention mountains? There are miniature models of whole f** mountains!

Getting curious, I started digging through all drawers and after what feels like an eternity of

disappointments, I finally found a latter with some obscure handwriting on it.

“What do people want? Cars, cars and even more cars. Are humans a race with such a singular

desires? Their senses being numbed to the vastness of possibilities? If they would just

comprehend!Only the sky would be the limit. […] satisfied with they’re mere existence? I wish

someone could change that. I would love to see what would happen.”

I wonder which entity wrote this words? While being in thoughts, my hands put this letter into my

pocket for later validation. Being uncertain of leaving this warm place and change back into the

cold production area, I re­intensified my search.

We have some nice boxes for Shootmania  hammered together by xrayjay out of the finest wall nut some random arbitrary dark wood that he found in his carpentry hut.




There’s also the RPG offline challenge that started today. Be the fastest on this brand new RPG track by allied and win adventcalendarpoints

Snowy Trialdreams

You have time until Saturday midnight, so that’s only 2 days, which is why you have to hurry.

1st place: 3 points

2nd place: 2 points

everyone else: 1 point

Simply upload your replay on the MX trackpage


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