#18 and #19 – More Turbo starts, Canyon s-turns and Ramp and SM Tubes

Being shocked by this near death encounter, I swear this animal was at least and running at

30mph, I decided to keep on moving with extra care from now on. After a few hours without any

unusual encounters, the track I was following started to thin out and to merge once more with the

frozen wasteland called Arctic. But at least I got used to this cold now. Somehow, I feel at ease

walking through this white wonderland. Who cares about what happens to this world? Why am I

actually walking here? Being more or less lost in my thoughts, I get abruptly dragged back into the

harsh cold reality by the headset I discovered a few days ago. Hanging at my belt, it starts to

flicker in neon colours and vibrates loudly as if reacting to some kind of energy waves. My first

thought, why now? My second though, I’m visible like a duck in the open field for a hunter. This

lights must be visible for a few hundred meters at least. In an attempt to disguise the lights, I threw

the headset into to a freshly dug hole and cowered it with snow. Uff, finally safe again was what I

thought when the snow under my feet started slowly to subside. Not again! Isn’t there anything in

this stupid land scape that can be sturdy? Is this even a landscape or some kind of joke I simply

can’t understand? Bamm, I heard a metallic sound when the headset clashed against some kind of

magnetic metal structure covered in white dust. Getting closer, I realise that it’s a submarine like

door. Why would I be surprised about this? There isn’t anything natural here! And they say, go out

into nature to feel free. Where, when not in the untouched wilderness of the Arctic region would

you expect to find pure nature? Whatever. I will simply open this door which has this really nice

dark blue metallic colour combination.


I entered this blueish carbon like tunnel system and kept on walking until I reached another closed

door which lead up to a ladder. Following the steps, I emerged once more on the surface of this

white wonderland. But now, oh surprise, I was in close proximity to multiple barns. Between this

barns, I saw people on patrol. Somehow, I managed to re­emerge on Santa’s hide out. But this

time, I would be able to get to know more about everything. Crawling through the snow to avoid

detection, I closed in on the smallest building. Being on my way, I could listen into the discussions

going on between the people.

“Did you hear about the last developments?” “Are they really going to do this?” “I would never

believed he would be up to something this drastic!” “Nevertheless, only he could pull this off. I

mean a whole pl…”

Getting a bad feeling about what I just heard, I checked the small barn for any witnesses before

locking it. Then trying to find a solution to what this big plan might be, I went once more through

everything I discovered the last few days.

Here are the objects by [electromagnetic wave used in medicine]jay

Stadium Turbo Start

Valley Turbo Start

Canyon Traverses

Storm Glass Way


Canyon Wide Ramp


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