#5 – Windows, Story and a KO



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tschchch It’s okay tschchch tschchch I’m all right tschchch Sorry for scaring all of you. What I first thought to be deaths ice-cold fingers gripping my ankle was some kind of rope that I managed to get tangled in. Losing my balance I fell down the snow bank and crashed through some kind of barrier until I felt warm metal, as warm as any metal could be in this cold hell, abruptly stopping my fall. Smelling chemicals and some kind of polyethylene derivative, I turned around and realised that the snow bank I was climbing over was in reality a small hut used for crafting body parts for cars. But it seemed like it was left alone for at least a few weeks. But by studying the drafts hanging everywhere at the walls, I realised that here has been some incredible work going on. Some guy called Schumi must have been working here and I see drafts that look quite comparable to what I saw a few days ago at Santa’s hide out. If the light just have been better, I would have loved to see the final version of this incredible design. It looks so gorgeous and fast!!! But now let’s get out of this and let’s get back to the big building I saw earlier. Now, after the storm subsided I can clearly hear engine sounds going on. Opening the door of the hut, I find myself in a glassy tunnel that is covered by snow from all directions. Being made by an incredible sturdy, yet look through material I haven’t seen before, I start following the path laid-out in front of me as it seems to lead me directly towards the gigantic workshop. Turning on my flash light, I see some parts in this tunnel throwing strange reflections. Getting closer, I can see carvings in the glassy tunnel sides. Tschchch “…ray…” tschchch Incredible, is this really handmade by one single person? Who is this guy? I think the only way to figure it out is to follow my guts. And they tell me to keep on walking. So my feet start walking again before my brain can start to process what is going on. [Connection breaking down]


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The MX KnockOut is now part of the adventcalendar, too, which means you can win some juicy points.

1st place: 3 points

2nd place: 2 points

3rd place: 1 point

Bonus point for everyone with a fancy name/avatar!

Info about the MX KO can be found here.

Join the Server MX Knockout – TM2 Multi Env  at 20:30 GMT/20:30 UK/21:30 CET


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