#2 – The MX-Manialink browser, a crane and three mods!



It’s the second day of the adventcalendar and another day for great presents!

..but first, tcq teases us with some new info about what he has found:




It’s me again.

I finally found some safe sleeping place in some old and dusty barn outside of the normal patrol routes. It looks like that this barn was home to a craftsman as I can see saws, smoothing planes and other tools lined up next to each other. I can also see blue prints for some really astonishing structures that I thought would be physically impossible. And according to the dates on them, they were developed not so long ago or are still in progress. All of them are signed, but I’m not able to decipher more than “..ray…”. Nevertheless, this ray of hope seems to be incredible talented and a close friend to Santa as some letters document.

“Santa, January 2015”: Hey old friend, I know we haven’t talked for a long time, but I’m in desperate need of your help. As you might have realised, I went a little bit overboard last Christmas and I need a way to make everything right without loosing to much of my face.”

“Santa, February 2015”: Thank you for the fast response and your understanding words old friend. I really appreciate your offer to help. Let me describe you what I was thinking about and then please tell me in you honest words what do you think is achievable”.

There are more letters like this, but the important conversations seems to be going over the last months. Sadly, I can’t find the letters describing what exactly is planned. There must be a second stack of letters somewhere hidden here or they need to be in the possession of “…ray…” himself. I really wonder what they are planning. I will send you one of the finished blue prints I found in this barn.



Now let us go through all the presents of today!


Mania Exchange Ingame Browser by Domino54


exchange facebook

Nobody expected that will happen… but it did! The Mania Exchange manialink is now available to public as a MX Advent Calendar 2015 present. Thanks to this new interface you can search for maps directly inside of ManiaPlanet and play TrackMania ones within one click. =)

To access the manialink, just type EXCHANGE in your ManiaPlanet address bar!

The list of all features provided by the manialink:

  • Search for maps in both TrackMania and ShootMania MX
  • One-click play button for TrackMania maps
  • Your last search is saved within title pack
  • Hover the map to instantly see its screenshot or thumbnail
  • Display information of any map via its ID
  • Filter your results by author, map type, environments and title pack
  • Sort maps exactly the same way as on the website
  • And if that’s not enough – you can type map name even without clicking the blue bar!

– Domino



An Embeddable Canyon Crane by xrayjay!


xray with his first embeddable adventcalendar item! To download, simply hit the thumbnail below!



Dagobert’s Canyon and Valley Snow Mods

Dagobert invested a lot of time and patience (with us) to create two mods for the right christmas feeling! Check them out if you haven’t yet!





The Mania-Exchange Stadium Snow Mods

Link here!




We hope you enjoyed the presents! Be excited for new ones and check out the puzzle contest! Also take a look at our calendar, where you can see all the important live events and where to get points for the leaderboard!



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