Weekly Puzzle Challenge



Haenry and Ozon proudly present the Weekly Puzzle Challenge!

We will present you a fresh puzzle every week. You need to solve it and upload your best replay. But how is this possible? There is no puzzle mode in Maniaplanet? Noooope chuck testa! TGYoshi did the 1010101 and created a fully working puzzle mode for Maniaplanet. Thanks a lot!

How to play a puzzle?

  • Download the puzzle maptype and put it into myDocuments/Maniaplanet/Scripts/MapTypes/TrackMania/
  • Unpack the zip file so that you have …/Trackmania/Puzzle.Script.txt
  • Download the map from MX
  • Open the map with the editor in the Trackmania2 Title.
  • Solve the puzzle.
  • Upload your best replay to the map on Maniaexchange.

What to win?


1st place:  10 points

2nd place: 7 points

3rd place: 5 points

4th place:  4 points

every other place: 3 points

Week 1

You can now watch the replays of week 1. Enjoy!


Deadline Sunday 6, 23:59CET


Week 2

You can now watch the replays of week 2. Enjoy!

WPC – Boosters are op

Deadline Sunday 13, 23:00 CET


Week 3

WPC – The Number Two

Deadline Sunday 20, 23:00 CET