Advent Video Contest Results!



We had some really good submissions for the advent video contest! Thanks for that. Turns out that the decision between the “best” two videos was more difficult than we thought, but now we have the results!

Rating system consisted of 3 judges (Shortz, Ozon and iRetro) and focussed 50% on the story and 50 % on the editing quality. For certain efforts we gave one bonuspoint (which made it easier to determine clear results).


The TOP3 should contact us via e-mail for the T-Shirt delivery ( )!


Thanks for all the great contributions! We all wish you a happy new year and a nice slide into the new year aswell!


Winner video: Endless Story by Maniastyle


1.maniastyle5320p + 50.000 planets
2.Lars5218p + 20.000 planets
3.MCYC (Shadow)4816p + 10.000 planets

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