Stadium AdventCup


Map: CCP#12 – Frozen Reality by Shortz (2014)


This year is the year for the first edition of the Stadium AdventCup hosted by Ozon and Klaus as the most reliable server hoster and coder ever!


Join the Match Server here!

If you want to see whether or not you are qualificated, type /top100 into the chatbox and check if you are one of the best 20!


What are the prizes?

For information about the adventcalendar ranking system, head over here.

1st place: 10 points – 50.000 planets- 1 Trackmania Shirt provided by Shadow

2nd place: 6 points – 25.000 planets

3rd place: 4 points – 10.000 planets

4th place: 3 points

Everyone who reached the group stage (except 1st to 4th): 2 points


Additional prizes for the last week:

The last week is more than twice as difficult, so there will be additional prizes!

1st place:  Mousepad (either maniaplanet / Stadium or Canyon) + Trackmania mug + Keyring

2nd place:  Trackmania mug + Keyring

3rd place:  Trackmania mug


What do we play?

Stadium. All accessible styles (except PF and LOL).

The actual advent cup is split into 4 individual cups. These are:

  • Tech
  • Speed
  • Dirt
  • Allround (2 minute Speed, Tech, Dirt + 4-5min RPG + 5 minute all-styles map)

When do we have to be there and how do I register?

No need to register. Every cup runs one week – Every advent week has a cup (starting from November 23rd and ending on December 20th).

Monday to Friday, you have to qualify by driving the best times in the mappack on the server. Driving a time registers you automatically. The best 20 are being taken out of best average position on this week’s mappack.

On saturday, we will publish the results of the qualifying. If you name is on the page, please join the same server tomorrow for the second round!

On sunday, the second round will be played. The 20 players will play rounds mode over the 5 maps. The 5 players with the most points will qualify for the final, which will happen right after!

In the finals, the cup mode is going to be played.


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How do I train the maps?

You can download the mappack 1 week before the cup starts on the bottom of this page! The servers, where you can set the times for the qualification, will be set up one week after mappack release on a monday. That means you have almost 2 weeks of time to train!


Mappack downloads?

Week No.DateDivisionMappack download

Esu Xmas Cup Mappack 1 - Tech (2.2 MiB)


Stadium AdventCup Mappack 2 - Fullspeed (2.9 MiB)


Stadium AdventCup Mappack 3 - Dirt (2.2 MiB)


Stadium AdventCup Mappack 4 - Allround v1.1 (3.3 MiB)


First Mappack – Tech :

Second Mappack – Speed :

Third Mappack – Dirt :

Fourth and final Mappack – Super Crazy Allround: