Paragon Chase Cup – Multienvironment


In cooperation with the Paragon team we are happy to announce the Paragon Multienvironment Chase cups as a part of our adventcalendar agenda. This is a new cup series extra for the adventcalendar.

This means, that participating and winning there will bring you points for the adventcalendar leaderboard.


What do we play?

Stadium, Valley and Canyon – All environments, equal rights for every envi. And all that in Chase!

Each match is a 3v3. Each cup counts on its own every week.

The cup is being played in a double elimination mode with loser’s and winner’s bracket.


When does the cup start and how to register?

The cup is being played every Friday at 19:30CET every week during the adventcalendar time. Each cup is an individual event.

You can register for each cup on the paragon league website.



There are no upcoming events at this time.



For information about the adventcalendar ranking system, head over here.
For the Chase cup points are given to each player of a team.

If you have 4 teammembers driving that day, all 4 will get these points. Otherwise, only the 3 players who were ‘there’ will get them.


1st place: 7 points per teammember (max. 4 members)

2nd place: 4 points per teammember (max. 4 members)

3rd place: 3 points per teammember (max. 4 members)

4th place: 2 points

Everyone who participated (except 1st to 4th): 1 point



The mappack was updated with a new version of Autostrada – Dec 1

Chase Multi Mappack v1.1
Chase Multi Mappack v1.1
4.5 MiB