Monthly Track Contest


The Mania Exchange Monthly Track Contest (MTC) РDecember 2015

In the MTC your task is to build a track on a given theme. Later on, all of the entered tracks will be rated and a winner will be found.

Theme of the Month: Double five

The building area is limited to two five blocks wide rows, which are separated by a gap of one block width.

  • Two building areas of 5*[full map length] separated by a 1*[full map length] gap. (e.g. 5*32 in Canyon)
  • You have to cross the gap in the middle at least twice. (Doesn’t matter if in the air or on the ground)
  • You can build terraforming wherever you want
  • Clips/connectors of blocks are allowed to reach outside the building area (e.g. white/red connectors that show in the editor for Canyon GP road)
  • Signs are excluded from the building area restriction.


All tracks should be submitted before the end of 20, December 2015 PDT.


  • The top 3 winners will receive a showcase of a track of their choice (< 10 awards) on MX
  • Points for the adventcalendar as follows:
    • :gold: 1st place – 20 points
    • :silver: 2nd place – adjusted point number depending on the final votes
    • :bronze:
    • last place – at least 5 points

You can find all relevant information and how to submit in the Mania Exchange forum topic.