xmas Video Contest




Shortz is hosting a video contest over Christmas! It works just similar to the Infernal Movie Contest by the RM Team until 2012.

It wouldn’t be a contest if it hadn’t a theme or restriction, which is:


“Include a storyline of any kind in your video.”



  • You must include a story in your video. The story can also be just a tiny part of your video, but you need to have at least a bit of story.
  • Minimum length is 30 seconds.
  • Your video has to be uploaded to youtube unlisted. Send your submission link¬†to this e-mail:¬†shortzproduction@web.de. Important: Provide us with your player login in the e-mail too!
  • Deadline: 24th of December, 23:59 CET.

Guidelines (how to get a good load of points):

  • Your story is creative, well-thought out and entertaining
  • Clean editing work
  • Your video doesn’t need to include xmas related things at all. You can do a santa/xmas/snow story, but you don’t need to


  • 1st place gets 20 adventcalendar points and wins 50.000 planets
  • 2nd place receives an adjusted amount of ac-points and 20.000 planets
  • 3rd place receives an adjusted amount of ac-points and 10.000 planets
  • All submissions will receive minimum one point for participating. Additional points will be added for efforts.

Adjusted means, that we might give just slightly less points than the next better placed video, if the video is just slightly worse. That means, that theroretically, 1st and 2nd place could get the same amount of points. As videomaking takes time, we think that the effort we see should be rewarded adequately.

On this page, you can find helpful ressources, like logos, signs and mods.

You can use this forum thread to discuss and ask questions.
Happy videomaking!

~Shortz, Ozon and the rest of the MX-Adventcalendar Team!