It’s not often that you finish something and you can be kind of proud of it. We Are Trackmania had not only the goal to finally contain some good replays in an universal skillmovie through all environments, it also was destined to be my big footprint in the minds of our community as someone who atleast tried to capture some parts of an important generation of Trackmania players. It began as a little skillmovie about my own skills, grew into a sunrise-environment skillmovie and eventually became a cross-generational Trackmania skillmovie with mostly different players, mappers and styles. 28 minutes sounds quite long, but it was still not long enough to make everyone happy obviously, but that’s kind of the spirit movies of these kinds have. If you are in the movie, you have a confirmation of your dedication to the game – definite -, but as this movie doesn’t really cover our whole and diverse community, these players form rather an example for the masses: An example of our great competitive and respectful culture that is Trackmania. And that’s what the movie is about. It’s the scope showing the beautiful side of our favorite game, but still letting the room to explore all of the other things left to see. As I believe the one or other non-Trackmaniac will stumble over it, he shall like what he witnesses and explore the rest afterwards.

I hope the average (or literally lunatic) Trackmaniac enjoys it too! Not only should you blindly watch it ( he he ), but also gather some inspiration for your potential future projects as a movie maker, content creator or mapper! Trackmania also relies on community content and if we keep the ecosystem of fun, competition, entertainment and promotion healthy enough, the community will only benefit from that! So be creative and show us what you got!

Thanks for watching and supporting!

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